GET your data
Vizualised + Humanized

Make Data tangible and visible to truly know what’s going on. Then you can play, explore + act decisively so you can control it.

Whether it’s putting out fires or jumping on opportunity, you need your finger on the pulse. Want to take control of Data across your enterprise? You need collaborative visibility into the many, many data sources that large, complex organisations accumulate.


Getting your Data sources translated into dashboards makes Data intuitive, translates it into something ‘human’.  Whether its Tableau, PowerBI, DOMO, Site24x7, QlikView or some other BI platform, a well designed dashboard visually aggregates your data in an understandable manner. But what happens once you have created a vast library of them?

Interactive ViZualisations

No more alt-tab between innumerable dashboards + reports. We’ll aggregate all your BI platforms into a unified vizualisation environment that puts you in command of your organisations’ information.

See everything in a single hub.

Environment: where data is physical

Data in a human environment: creating comfortable spaces that makes interacting with Data effortlessly visceral.

We help imagine + create spaces that bring information into the ‘real world’ so it can fuel real world re-actions. With our data halls, vizualisation satellites + data art, information is made physical: so you can touch, feel + be immersed.

Everything from presentations to workshops becomes more effective, collaborative + dynamic. When Data becomes visceral, decision making becomes faster. Exercising your judgment becomes easier.

Take command

Humanizing Data: creating a space that makes judgement based on Data effortless.

Get your key metrics aggregated in a single screen, so you can watch, learn + act on the fly. Understand the big picture without the limitations of relying on a single BI platform. Simultaneously view or change between multiple vizualisations. Command the room with a wave, a flick or a mouse to compare and drill down into different views of Data.

A great entry point for presenting a dynamic view. Cast presentations over the top directly from your laptop. Stream tablet + smartphone media alongside. All in a single environment.

Resolve digital anxiety
Automate + consolidate
Keep your finger on the pulse
Direct customer feedback in real-time
Manage crises from a central location
Collaborate + create solutions on the fly